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Love, Loss and Chickens

On September 16, 2022, Pierre Englebert releases his fourth album under his one-man-band-alter-ego Not a Moment too Soon.  Entitled Love, Loss and Chickens, it is a collection of nine songs performed with just piano or guitar, and sometimes other minimal instrumentation.  The album offers a mix of tenderness and humor through stories of love and loss, delivered with poetry, wit and intelligence.  The songs provide colorful details and vivid pictures, with emotions and characters brought out in powerful ways.

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Praise for “Love, Loss and Chickens”

“Pierre’s fourth album, Love, Loss and Chickens is a great listen.  His wry, yet thoughtful and sensitive lyrics are accompanied by lovely melodies—a testimonial to his ever-growing musicianship” (Ellen Harper, singer-songwriter, author of Always a Song and owner of Claremont Folk Music Center)


“The lyrics … brim with humor, warmth, and good will … catchy, inventive melodies propelled by natural, compelling harmonies. Phrases set out straightforwardly, only to extend in tasty ways, always carrying the words and the listener to slightly unexpected places… Pierre Englebert’s songs reward many repeated hearings. Check him out! (Thomas Flaherty, Professor of Music and College Composer, Pomona College)


“Unique vocal phrasing and singing style … Englebert’s sensitive [piano] playing, interesting changes and expert use of dynamics really soar here … The title gives away one of Englebert’s most charming attributes — his humor …It ain’t Randy Newman, but y’know, it’s kind of nice to listen to a writer who is saying what he feels without extraneous adornment/alliteration… He’s an arresting vocalist, with a way of delivering a line that is quite unique, bringing to mind the great Colin Hay. On “Benign Bliss,” with its beautifully arranged background vocals, Englebert creates a shimmering, Paul Simon-esque chorus. Not too many people working in pop music are capable of such sophistication. Having your own sound is not an easy thing to do in pop music, and Englebert certainly pulls this off with aplomb (Mick Rhodes, Mick Rhodes and the Hard Eight, and Claremont Courier)


“By far my favorite local musician. He is an exceptional pianist and guitarist and a prolific lyricist. I enjoy his live performances and listening to his lyrics … which always makes me laugh …it's easy to be mesmerized by the music of Not a Moment Too Soon (Rosemary Boone, Claremont Music Scene, and “Miss Claremont”)


Lyrics: The Divine Comedy, Randy Newman, or The Magnetic Fields. 

Music: Neil Finn, Colin Hay and, huh, even Queen!

Also available on all streaming platforms, including SoundCloud and Bandcamp (contact us for a code), as well as www.not-a-moment-too-soon.com.  Follow on Instagram (@namts1) and Facebook (@notam2soon).


Not a Moment too Soon is available for interviews. Contact:  IrvingandBoydMusicPublishing@gmail.com