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Not A Moment too Soon


Not a Moment Too Soon is the one-man-band-alter-ego of political science professor Pierre Englebert. The project began in 2019, with the name a tongue-in-cheek reflection of the relatively late age at which he got started. 

A prolific artist, Not a Moment too Soon (NAM2S) has released four albums since 2020, a feat of productivity only equaled by Taylor Swift.  They include Back to Plan A (2020), Well, (2020), Wait, What? (2021) and Love, Loss and Chickens (2022).  A new album of original material is in the works for 2023.  

Influences range from 1970s rock to classical, with power-pop punch and rock-like rhythms sharing top billing with softer piano ballads. NAM2S uses a lighthearted touch to provide social commentary or tender and comical takes on love and relations. While the music is layered and harmoniously rich, the lyrics’ wit often steals the show.  The overall result offers a broad palette whose influences reach from singer-songwriter artists like Randy Newman or Colin Hay to pop acts like XTC, the Divine Comedy or even Queen.

After a couple of years confined to the studio, NAM2S started live performances in late 2021 and has given concerts at We Olive Wine Bar and the Folk Music Center in Claremont, CA; Claremont Music Scene’s Silver Tree Sessions; Last Name Brewing and Ophelia's Jump Music Lounge in Upland, CA.

Englebert earned his PhD at the University of Southern California where he fondly remembers the marching band practicing Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk while he was in the adjacent library. His musical instruction has included guitar lessons with Mike Krevis at the Claremont Folk Music Center, piano lessons with Ashlyn Nicole at the Claremont Community School of Music, music theory lessons with Alfred Cramer, Thomas Flaherty, and Eric Lindholm at Pomona College’s Music Department, and composition classes at Berklee College of Music (online).  

Englebert is married to Beth Bodnar from South Bend, Indiana, who teaches at Claremont High School.  They have five children and six chickens. 

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